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Cpl presents the latest report - "CEE Salary Guide 2024" - a comprehensive summary of salary rates and the latest trends in the labour market in five countries of the CEE region: the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Bulgaria. 

This will enable you to make an informed decision about your next strategic hire or career move. 

What will you find in the report?   

  • Salary rates in 8 sectors: up-to-date salary & benefits data for 2024 including the highest-paying jobs in CEE. The most in-demand jobs and skill sets across every industry include SSC/BPO, Corporate finance, Software Development, IT Infrastructure and Support Sales & Marketing, Engineering & Logistics. 
  • Labor market trends in the CEE region: current market trends in the area of employment, provide valuable information for employers and employees interested in maintaining competitiveness in the dynamic CEE labor market. Articles of Cpl's experts exploring 2024 trends and forecasts on labour market in the CEE region. 
  • Sustainability in practice: discussion of the role of corporate social responsibility (ESG) in organizational strategies, along with examples of practical implementation in the organization.  
  • Multigenerational team management: analysis of effective team management strategies, considering generational differences, which are increasingly noticeable in the workplace.  
  • The AI revolution: looking at the impact of artificial intelligence on the labour market, the report focuses on modern trends, challenges, and opportunities related to the AI revolution. 

If you would like to enquire about career opportunities or talent needs in your industry, get in touch. 

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