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The Poznań experience! 

Business services sector in Poznań - analysis, challenges, and trends 

'The Poznań experience' Report was prepared in cooperation with the City of Poznań and the companies: Cpl Poland and Colliers. The publication provides an in-depth analysis of Poznań's investment attractiveness for companies in the modern business services sector, including the trends and salaries in the industry.  

The Report includes: 

  • analysis of the investment potential in Poznań and the possibility of support from local units of the City Hall 
  • analysis of Poznań's labour market in the modern business services sector with up-to-date salary and trends 
  • presentation of the Poznań office market potential  
  • direct data from the  2 surveys which were carried out as part of the report
  • Expert`s comments about Poznań on the map of the modern services sector in Poland

'The Poznań experience' Report will enable you to make an informed decision about your next strategic step! 

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