Mediation of Personal Injuries Claims

There's a positive new development taking place in personal injuries claims resolution in Ireland – and it may provide an exciting opportunity for you.

Later this year, the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) will expand its remit to offer mediation as an option for resolving personal injuries claims for the first time. This is a significant new development for PIAB, provided for under recent legislation, and aimed at increasing the numbers of personal injuries claims resolved without recourse to the courts.

This is a hugely positive extension of PIAB's work, who are now looking for people with relevant experience to join a panel of mediators to help deliver this service and work alongside PIAB's internal team. 

About PIAB

The Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) is Ireland's independent state body which assesses personal injuries claims compensation. 

PIAB is a self-funded public body and is a key pillar in contributing to reform of the insurance sector and the personal injuries environment. PIAB generates millions of Euros in savings which would otherwise be spent on processing claims, leading to higher costs for policyholders.

Since its establishment in 2004, PIAB has assessed over €1.5 billion in personal injuries awards which were accepted by both parties, resulting in fair and prompt payments to the claimants and avoiding hundreds of millions of Euros in litigation costs.

What PIAB do

PIAB independently assesses personal injuries claims for compensation for the following categories of claim: 

Motor Liability

Employer Liability

Public Liability

By using the Personal Injuries Assessment Board:

  • the process leads to quicker, consistent, and cheaper resolution of claims benefiting all parties and society. 
  • assessments of compensation are fair, independent, and non-adversarial. PIAB use the exact same Guidelines as the Courts to calculate levels of compensation. 
  • it is cheaper and faster to resolve a claim through PIAB versus litigation according to research by the Central Bank of Ireland. 
  • PIAB also collects and analyses data on personal injury claims and awards to help contribute to greater transparency in the sector.


Applicants must on or before the closing date for receipt of applications have:


At least four (4) years' full-time experience acting as a mediator.


At least seven (7) years' full-time experience legal practice experience as a solicitor or barrister qualified to act in Ireland, with experience acting in mediations.


Experience in the personal injuries' environment.


Experience working in or acting for an administrative body, statutory tribunal or decision making body with an inter partes dispute resolution and/or mediation function.


A relevant mediation qualification.

Experience conducting telephone or digital mediation.

Experience conducting shuttle mediation in any context.

Proven record of methodical and accurate work managing caseloads and delivering results.

Sound judgement and analytical skills in assessing where a mediated agreement might be achievable.

High level ICT skills.

Strong interpersonal and communication skills

Applicants must live in Ireland and be eligible to work in Ireland.


The current fee structure for the payment of mediators is as follows: a daily fee of €616 will be paid for mediating three (3) cases per day. 

However, on occasion where a mediator has been assigned an individual case rather than being assigned a set of daily cases in a given day, a single fee of €230 will apply.


PIAB are not currently accepting any new applications for mediators. Please check here for future opportunities. 

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